Reproducible Science Workshop - Intro II

May 14, 2015

Exercise 1 - Wrap up

  • What tools did you use (Excel / R / Word / plain text etc.)?
  • Was your collaborator successful in reproducing your work?

Exercise 1 - Wrap up

  • Have you ever tried to reproduce someone else's data analysis before?
  • Have you ever tried to reproduce your own work before?
  • What tools did you use and were you successful in reproducing your collaborator's work?
  • What made it easy/hard for reproducing your partners' work?
  • What would have to happen if you had to extend the analysis further?
  • If you caught a data error how easy/hard would it be to re-create the analysis?
  • What would happen if your collaborator is no longer available to walk you through their analysis?

Intro I summary

  • We learned that everyone struggles with reproducibility and that it is a hindrance to moving science forward

  • We focused on 4 problems: organization, documentation, automation, and dissemination with a fairly simple analysis. Over the two day workshop, data analysis tasks will become more complex as we gather more data and ask more complicated questions

Four facets

  • Documentation: difference between binary files (e.g. docx) and text, files and why text files are preferred for documentation, use markdown to document your workflow so that anyone can pick up your data and follow what you are doing

  • Organization: tools to organize your projects so that you don't have a single folder with hundreds of files

  • Automation: the power of scripting in the R programming language and how you can integrate that into markdown to create automated data analyses

  • Dissemination: publishing is not the end of your analysis, rather it is a way station towards your future research and the future research of others