Data & Project Organization: Instructor Notes


The heart of this lesson is episode 02, project organization and file naming. That episode consists primarily of two parts:

  1. Activity
  2. Lesson


One of the main functions of this activity is to provide an icebreaker for the group. Allow them to laugh at the demo files, identify with bad habits, and share strategies on how their organize their projects.

Take Aways

Slide Show

Make sure you regenerate (and commit) the HTML version of the slides if you modify the source Juputer Notebook. See the top-level README.

To run slideshow locally

You can also serve the slides locally from your (the instructor’s) computer. In a shell terminal run the following:

$ jupyter nbconvert --to slides 02_slideshow_organization.ipynb --post serve

You must be in the directory that contains slideshows (slides/).

Timing and modifications

As noted above, the heart of the lesson is episode 02. The following modifications to the sequence of episodes allow shortening the total time required by 15-20 minutes: