Sharing Jupyter Notebooks

This lesson covers how to share your work with others. It focuses on setting up a GitHub account and putting your code on a public repository, as well as adding dependency files to your repository so that you can share links to an interactive version of your code using Binder.


This lesson requires access to the internet and the ability to create a GitHub account.

It also uses the notebook created in an earlier lesson, but there are sample notebooks that could be downloaded and used instead.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Sharing Jupyter Notebooks using GitHub How can I share my work outside of publishing in a traditional journal?
How can I use GitHub for sharing Jupyter notebooks online?
00:25 2. Introduction to Binder How can we share Jupyter Notebook so they are interactive, can be run, and modified?
What does it mean for code to “depend” on software?
How can we explicitly define the dependencies for our code?
00:45 Finish

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